Limmud Cape Town co-chairs, Maxine Boyd, David Jacobson and Nancy Krisch
Limmud Cape Town co-chairs, Maxine Boyd, David Jacobson and Nancy Krisch

The never-ending Jewish Journey continues

The Ethics of our Fathers, in Chapter Four, teaches us that a “wise person” is “one who learns from everyone.”

The uniquely Jewish grassroots organisation that is Limmud arguably encapsulates this Jewish precept better than any other.

Reaching across six continents to over 80 different communities, Limmud has inspired thousands and thousands of Jews from Cape Town to Chicago, and from China to Peru, with the Limmud promise that “wherever you find yourself, Limmud will take you one step further on your Jewish journey.” It is based on the premise that we can all learn from each other and with each other and that being Jewish encompasses a multiplicity of expressions, from religious to cultural and everything in between.

Limmud is created by community, for community and is run by the community. Therefore, it is with humility, pride and a large measure of excitement that we would like to introduce ourselves as the new co-chairs for Limmud Cape Town 2016.

For those who don’t know us, we are Maxine Boyd, David Jacobson and Nancy Krisch.

In one way or another, the three of us have been involved with the greater Jewish community for a long time, and with Limmud itself in varying capacities as well. In true Limmud style, the three of us come from very different Jewish backgrounds, hold a variety of political and religious viewpoints, are different genders and bring with us individual strengths.

However, together we are all totally committed to the much needed and wholly creative space that Limmud occupies within the South African Jewish community. Standing on the shoulders of those who came before us, we will endeavour to do our best to innovate, create and take Limmud Cape Town to even greater heights.

The Cape Town Jewish community is incredibly fortunate to have so many wonderful Jewish learning initiatives. So many shuls and communal organisations are all doing wonderful work in increasing the reach and scope of Jewish learning. It is within this rich Jewish mosaic of culture and creativity that we locate ourselves very proudly.

Limmud is entirely dependent on its incredible and inspiring volunteers who make this event more than just an ‘event’, but rather create a uniquely Jewish concept that is shaping Jewish journeys around the globe.

What makes Limmud so particularly powerful is that it purposefully incorporates multiple voices, multiple streams, multiple opinions and multiple genders. And, it does not differentiate between ‘presenter’ and ‘participant’.

So all presenters are also participants and all participants can be presenters. Limmud believes that all of us have something to say and something that we can teach others in our community. We look forward to creating and innovating with all members of the Cape Town Jewish community and invite anyone who is interested in playing a role, however small or large, to contact us.

We are open to any ideas, programmes and collaborations and can be reached via Let the journey continue.


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