Building Connections with the Christian community on Israel

Dan Diker

I had the honour of being invited to attend and speak at the International Christian Embassy Jerusalem conference in Cape Town in May. The conference, hosted by Luba Mayekiso, was themed ‘My Brother’s Keeper: A Line In the Sand’ and had the purpose of encouraging Christians to strengthen their bond with Israel and to the Jewish people. An audience of over 1000 was enthralled by powerful speakers, including Olga Meshoe, Rev Malcolm Hedding and Cassandra Mayekiso, who reiterated and reinforced the friendship and love that a growing amount of Christian South Africans have with Israel and for the Jewish people. Ambassador Arthur Lenk spoke eloquently of the enormous benefits South Africans could reap from working with Israel, and Dan Diker of the Jerusalem Center For Public Affairs discussed why the world should be on the side of Israel. Diker (born in New York), is a former secretary general of the World Jewish Congress (WJC), an umbrella group representing Jewish communities and organisations in nearly 100 countries. I addressed the gathering on behalf of the Jewish community in South Africa, and thanked our Christian friends for their unwavering support for Israel and the Jews. I was warmly received by the attendees and am very glad that bridges of support and friendship are being built.


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