Mandela Day mitzvot at Temple Israel


For Mandela Day this year, Temple Israel partnered with Kerry Hoffman from Souper Troopers to help offer congregants a meaningful way to do their 67 minutes for Mandela Day.

Souper Troopers organises pop- up soup kitchens to provide a dignified, fun dining experience for homeless people in the inner city and Temple Israel decided to join them, making all the soup and sandwiches. On the Sat night, the shul was packed with people spreading, buttering, chopping (as well as a group knitting) away as a mountain of sandwiches grew next to three giant steaming pots of soup. There was even a visiting delegation from the World Union for Progressive Judaism in town for the SAUPJ conference who did their 67 minutes as well.

On Sunday congregants took everything to the Service Dining Rooms in Canterbury St where a crowd of hungry people enjoyed showers, a great meal and a dance. Kol hakavod to everyone involved.



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