Normal life at breakfast, a whole new world by lunch

The much anticipated Nechama seminar for members of the caring professions and others interested in learning about bereavement and loss exceeded already high expectations.

The 2017 event was held in March at the Double Tree Hilton Hotel in Woodstock which comfortably accommodated some 150 delegates. The Seminar was about various ways to move forward and reintegrate into life after loss.

Our speakers came from various backgrounds and shared a wealth of knowledge, touching on many aspects of life. Some of the speakers have experienced their own losses and shared the way they have carried this loss with them while rebuilding a new life. The speakers were highly skilled qualified professionals who have made a positive impact in various areas of the caring professions, such as the caring, well-known registered nurse and midwife, Margie Meggie, who has been with St Lukes for 18 years.
We also heard an inspirational talk from Natasha Nunan, the oncology nurse who is presently the haematology manager and stem cell transport co-ordinator in Durban. Kate Polley shared with us her decision to write a book, Sam and Finn which she wrote after the death of her twin son, Sam. Helping other bereaved families is her way of carrying Sam’s legacy forward. Maxine Nerwich, mother and educator, shared with us her feelings on the life and loss of her son Brett. His photo and memorial yartzeit candle which she set up that morning, boldly facing the audience, told its own story.

Thank you to Rabbi Thurgood and Rabbi Ziegler for assisting us in understanding Jewish rituals of loss and mourning. Thank you to our chairman Barry Pogrund, for your continued support to the organisation.

In closing, jazz musician Rus Nerwich, moved us with a soulful, stirring piece of music.
The generous catering by Stanley Norrie was delicious and the attendees had an opportunity to network with each other in a relaxed atmosphere.

Thank you once again to Mike Flax of Double Tree Hilton Hotel for allowing us the use of your venue. Thank you also goes to our administrator, Shana Isserow, and the Nechama Team, who are all commended for a hugely professional conference.


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