Temple Israel – Putting the ‘unity’ into community

It is not every community that gets to spend three days together, eating, singing, playing, living, laughing and learning. But that is precisely what the Temple Israel TIMEOut achieved.

Over the Pesach long weekend in April, about 80 community members, from babies to bobbas, stayed at the beautiful Habonim campsite. Some camped, others ‘glamped’ (in chalets), but all of us grew together in a phenomenal and fundamental way.

From a session on Mindfulness, to a nail-biting game of beach volleyball; from a kids vs adults soccer game to a moving Havdallah ceremony under the stars, there was something for everyone. However, the true miracle of the weekend was how we grew together as a community. We braai’d, rested, prayed, played, and spent hours singing until the wee hours of the morning.

All three centres of Temple Israel bonded together as one caring unit. We arrived on Friday as relative strangers; we left on Monday as family. It was an overwhelming success — a type of community was created that few (if any) others can emulate. Proudly Progressive.

So we say B’shana Ha’Ba’ah. Next year again.


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