SAFI — A movement like no other

Pastor Pat Rolleston from Desire of all Nations Church

Our Christian Zionist Friends are an inspiration to us all with their unwavering love and support for Israel with Jerusalem as the undivided capital.

SAFI began a few years ago with a group of friends who were inspired by a common goal: to stand up for the Holy Land in the face of rising anti-Israel rhetoric — both in South Africa and around the world.

On Sunday 28 May an event under Pastor Paul Saralina at the Judah Worship Centre in Philippi, called ‘Rejoice with Jerusalem’ saw an audience of over 600 people come together in song and dance to celebrate Yom Yerushalayim.

Rowan Polovin, Chairman SAZF Cape Council brought greetings from the Jewish Community and Cantor Ivor Joffe together with the audience and Pastors singing, almost rose the roof off its rafters. The messages were powerful and the audience waved flags with pride.

In Wetton, a gathering of over 250 people came together on 15 June under the guidance of Pastor Pat Rolleston of the Desire for All Nations. This event was called ‘Israel in My Head’ where songs were complimented by the teachings on the State of Israel and the ills of the Kiros Document were delivered by Chris Eden of Bridges for Peace. Julie Berman, Executive Director of the SAZF Cape Council brought greetings from the Jewish Community. The patrons were so inspired by the teachings of Chris Eden that he was requested to return soon to carry on inspiring the congregants about the truth and not the fiction that we read in our local media.

If you are interested in attending any of these functions together with the SAZF, please contact Julie on 021 4646 726.


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