SAUJS upcoming events

After the midyear break, SAUJS WC is opening with a Back to Uni party with more details on our social media page followed by our Formal happening on the 31st. Both of these events are sure to help our members get over the holiday blues and back into the swing of ‘varsity life.

While we do enjoy our fun and games, we also have more happening than just drinking and socialising. We are running a stall at One-to-One, a fair for the mentally challenged, as well as starting our collection drive for the Santa Shoebox Project this month.

In terms of our Zionist activities, we are fortunate to have Dr. Zohar Raviv from Taglit-Birthright address us on campus about the complexities of a Jewish Democracy in Israel. The details for this can be found on our Facebook page.

One idea that SAUJS WC has been thinking about for some time is starting a leadership programme for Jewish students. The purpose of this programme is to inspire Jewish students to get involved and take up leadership roles in whatever capacity they desire, whether it be a university club or a local Jewish organisation etc. While this will be a long-term project, we are looking at starting this soon.

Any interested student can email us at to express interest in getting involved in this project or visit Facebook for more information.

Jordan Seligman


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