Shabbat Ifthar — breaking down barriers

Jews and Muslims come together for Iftar at Temple Israel

300 people gathered in a shul on a Friday night — was it Rosh Hashana?  No, it was Ramadan! 

Following the groundbreaking Shabbat Ifthar (breaking of fast) at Temple Israel Wynberg last year, the Progressive shul once again reached out to the Muslim community to break their fast for Ramadan at the synagogue on Shabbat. 

As the sun set on Friday night, the Muslims, lead by Dr Taj Hargay of the Open Mosque, heard the call to prayer, broke their fast on dates and tea and then prayed their Maghrib — evening service —in the main shul sanctuary on special rugs laid out in the centre of the shul.  They then joined the magnificent Kabbalat Shabbat service with a packed shul singing and davening together.  And then, of course, came the dinner, with Jew and Muslim breaking bread and breaking down barriers.

Guests from all over the city and overseas sat together, spoke together and sang together.  Dr Taj in an emotional speech shared how the Jewish community has been supportive of the Open Mosque in its development in the face of opposition and Rabbi Greg called for everyone there to share the message of peace with their own communities.


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