WIZO reaches out to students in Gugs

Adrienne Judes hands out sanitary pads to students at Intshukumo Secondary School

On 27 July members of the WIZO Executive officially handed over a collection of over 800 sanitary pads to students at Intshukumo Secondary School in Gugulethu.

Together with representatives from the local clinic and ‘Woman of Virtue’ organisation, WIZO empowered, educated and assisted the young women, who responded with huge applause and appreciation.

Chairman of WIZO Cape Town, Adrienne Judes explained that many of these young learners miss school on a monthly basis due to the lack of basic necessities, such as sanitary pads. The long-term impact on their education contributes towards keeping these women in the cycle of poverty.

“As a women’s organisation working for the upliftment and empowerment of women and children in Israel, we feel it is an essential part of our ethos to also consider the needs of our local disadvantaged communities. We will continue to contribute and help where we can.

“We would also like to thank all those people in the Cape Town community who responded open-heartedly to our call, and look forward to their continued support and generosity for our Tikkun Olam initiatives,” said Judes.


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