Advancing Leadership: Women within the community

Guest speakers Romi Kaplan, Adina Roth and Myra Goldenbaum

The Cape Board recently hosted an evening of comfortable conversation with three unique Jewish female leaders from our community who have made a difference in their own right.

The dialogue was substantive, but also included some light-hearted moments.

Two of our panelists, Adina Roth and Myra Goldenbaum, spoke about their personal challenges and opportunities, both within the community and in business. They shared insights on how we can become better advocates for women in leadership by imparting our practical knowledge and paying-forward the lessons learned to the women who follow us. Our third panelist Romi Kaplan presented a fascinating visual narrative that explored the history and culture of the remarkable women in the South African Jewish community. Our thanks to Tamar Lazarus who facilitated the discussion between guest speakers and the audience.

And last but not least, to the handful of brave men from our community who showed up, to be reminded what it’s like to be on the other side, which we believe ultimately makes them stronger collaborators in the future.


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