Ari Sharfstein is here from the USA

Daniel Nasson, Nathan Beswick, Emma Nasson and Jesse Flash enjoying Ari’s musical talents

It’s been a whirlwind since I arrived in Cape Town, and we’ve already started an exciting new chapter in our progressive movement!

We hit the ground running when I got here, as I immediately got involved in the music of Chesed and Rinah and began planning new events for our youth. As we proceed, I’ll focus on bringing new repertoire to the congregation while unlocking our full musical potential by engaging and rehearsing with our instrumentalists, musicians, and most importantly, our congregation.

My goal is to help instill a culture of musical participation here in our community, and to that end, I will start holding workshops for interested songleaders of all ages. As for our work with youth movements, we have already started with programs ranging from laid-back pizza parties, to wild scavenger hunts, to exciting party games and we will continue to plan fun events for teens and kids. There’s plenty more work to be done, music to be sung, and events to be enjoyed.


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