Cape Jewish Seniors — As we move towards summer

Stella Reynolds from Alon Ashel with Lily Singer who recently turned 95, enjoying a birthday morning in Sea Point

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This community is so vibrant and engaging. One can be as busy as one wants to be, every single day of the week. This last month has highlighted this point, certainly from the CJSA perspective. Members have had so many choices and some have had the opportunity to be involved in all that has been on offer.

Our annual Ot Azey week was held directly after Limmud weekend and a couple of keen members attended both events. This was the 15th year of Ot Azey and all who attended the three-day interaction enjoyed it very much.

Rochel Winer, a wonderful teacher, came from Durban to work with the intermediate group while Veronica Belling had the advanced group, who kept her on her toes. Sybil Castle and Jason Toay ably ran the beginner group. We were also fortunate to have three guests, Rabbis Wineberg and Popack, as well as Erez Shaked who entertained with Yiddish and Hebrew songs which everyone enjoyed thoroughly. Of course, the food was always important when people lived in Shtetls and so it was during the course as well. Our resident housekeeper, Wadia, provided excellent meals for everyone.

Also, during that same week we hosted journalist/author, Pieter Louis Myburgh who has written a book titled The Republic of Gupta. Lifestyle members enjoyed an interesting evening with him as he gave us all insight into the antics of this family. We also enjoyed socialising after his presentation.

We just managed to catch our breath before getting into gear for our 6th biennial seminar which we hosted at the Protea Fire and Ice Hotel on 23 August. Those who registered and participated certainly enjoyed the day and were most complimentary about the presenters who were all experts in their fields.

Delegates learned the importance of planning and preparation as we age, in order not to become a burden. The importance of creating a life file with all important information so that loved ones can know all passwords and vital information is stored in one place. We were encouraged to re-new, re-energise, re-value and prepare and the importance of re-firing oneself instead of retiring. Statistics indicate that by the year 2025 there will be 1.3 million people older than 120 years and that the fear of falling is the monster, not falling itself. Weight loss is not a normal part of ageing — we lose mass and exercise can prevent this. It is important that we become mindful of the role of stigmatisation of ageing and the way we age.

Delegates received sound advice on the drawing up of a will and the pitfalls of not updating them regularly.

We learnt how to be tech savvy and the importance of keeping up to date with technology as it develops at a rapid pace. Medical aids were also highlighted and we were given excellent insight into the pitfalls and how to choose the best aid for your needs. Finally, we learnt about home safety and how to ensure that our homes remain suitable and safe for us as we age.
Southern Suburbs hosted a special women’s day event to celebrate Women’s month and this was also enjoyed as were the outings and special mornings at each of our branches.

We are planning our first Mini Olympics for our members which will take place on 31 October. Hopefully our members will participate and enjoy the morning which is going to take place at the Herzlia sports field. We would like to invite guests and spectators to cheer our participants on the day. It is hoped this will be the first of many sports events.
As summer approaches, we are planning many excellent outings for members, so be sure to book early for events to avoid disappointment.

It is also important to note that the programme might change at short notice as all of our presenters are volunteers and give of their time when possible. Things, however, do crop up and sometimes we have to find replacements at very short notice.
Have a wonderful month and live life to the fullest!

Diana Sochen, Executive Director.


A hearty Mazeltov is extended on the following events:

Martin and Claire Greenspan — son
Mervyn and Arona Shrand — grandson

Maya Golan 70th
Bennie Rabinowitz 84th
We extend our sincere best wishes to our members who have not been well:
Irene Freeman, Phyllis Friedlander, Bessie Gordon, Michelle Levy, Malcolm Lee, Riva Merskey and Winne Zick

We extend our sincere condolences to our members who have lost family members:
Eve Alperstein — husband, Alec
June Benjamin — cousin
Ruth Berk — son, Michael
Trevor Bouwer — wife, Anne
Dinah and Joe Polliack — sister/sister-in-law, Ann
Les and Miriam Vides — sister/sister-in-law, Ann

We welcome new members to the CJSA family:
Ronnie and Michele Fendel
Victor and Erica Hoch
Pamela Katz
Melody Roux
Gerty Shorkend

Book early for special events:

18 October Jewish Care Cape agm at the Albow Centre. Starts at 17h00. This agm covers all the organisations who fall under the Jewish Welfare banner. Attendance of all members will be appreciated.
19 October Twilight supper in Milnerton 18h00. Guest speaker to be announced.
25 October 35th Chelsea Flower Show 10.00. Video and talk presented by designer David Davidson in Milnerton.
31 October 1st cjsa mini olympic morning. All welcome to participate.


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