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LaunchPad 2017 Cohort

For the second year running, the LaunchPad retreat catapulted 32 young Jewish changemakers, dreamers, leaders, and entrepreneurs from across South Africa into the LaunchPad community.

This three-day retreat of networking, learning and connecting was a unique opportunity to engage deeply with the complex landscape in which we live as Jews on the bottom tip of Africa. LaunchPad takes people out of their everyday lives and creates an opportunity to connect, think, dream and build an aligned network of people who are passionate about creating a vibrant and thriving SA Jewish community. With the input, creativity, and passion of the participants, innovative strategies and solutions were developed and will continue to be refined and turned into action!

While the Retreat was only 3 days long, the LaunchPad 362 programme ensures engagement and touch points throughout the year for the LaunchPad community. With the availability of micro-grants for turning solutions and strategies into action, masterclasses, peer-led sessions, working groups, and “Think&Drinks”, engagement throughout the year is ensured for maximum impact.
LaunchPad is a unique collaboration between the United Jewish Campaign, Cape South African Board of Deputies, and Mensch. It would also not be possible without the generous support of the Eric and Sheila Samson Foundation, Old Mac Daddy, the Clarendon, and the Charles & Lynn Schusterman Foundation.

Keep your eyes out for LaunchPad events and projects that will be launched throughout the year. Follow the LaunchPad community on Instagram: @launchpadsa and Facebook: Interested in LaunchPad or want to know more?
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