Telfed Tidings

Members of Telfed’s directorate with Philip and Michele Krawitz (centre)

This summer, we welcomed several key partners to Telfed.

The Cape Connection
First was a visit from Chairman of the Board of the United Jewish Campaign, Philip Krawitz and his wife, Michele. This provided an opportunity to share information and keep up to date on community news in Cape Town, including some of the specific challenges being addressed by the local Jewish leadership. In the past two years, Telfed has absorbed a 48% increase in Aliyah from SA and this trend was apparent also in his concluding comments: “This is going to be a challenging decade for Telfed, more than ever — and you are ideally placed to assist our community members if they will want to consider their options in Israel”.

Precious Partners
For descendants of former Capetonian Stanley Lewis z’l, philanthropy has become a family affair. Whilst the initial connection between Telfed and The Stanley and Zea Lewis Foundation was made with the patriarch, his legacy continues through the involvement both of his beloved wife Zea and children Renee, Michael, Wendy and Cheryl. For over a decade, together with Telfed, the Lewis Foundation has provided hundreds of scholarships to Southern African students in Israel. Also in attendance were Philip Press, Leonard Feinstein, (family members), David Sable (Oceana Investments) and Neil (Tal) Nevies. Michael recalled fondly how the initial ‘shidduch’ was made through Eliot Osrin z’l. He shared Eliot’s satisfaction on how a ‘small investment leveraged a big impact’ through multiple applications at Telfed, making it a productive partnership, one that the late Stanley would likely be proud to see flourish.

Venerated Visitors
Telfed has a long-standing partnership with The Meyer Hirsch Goldschmidt Foundation (Channel Islands) and recently welcomed trustees and family members (formerly of Cape Town) Prof. David Katz (husband of Dr. Jeanne Katz, grand-daughter of the late MH Goldschmidt) and daughter Dr. Naomi Sacks for the foundation’s AGM. They have given with great generosity over the years, supporting educational initiatives and community projects benefiting the Southern African community in Israel, and in so doing strengthening Israeli society. Their legacy of giving spans over four generations helping those in need, in the spirit of the values perpetuated by the family.

Marvellous Mauerberger
Telfed representatives joined in a special gathering saluting Jonathan, Derek and Dianna Yach, Chair of the Mauerberger Foundation Fund, where together with Haifa Technion’s Israel Institute of Technology they inaugurated a $500 000 prize for Israeli scientists to brainstorm solutions to development needs in Africa, and in doing so, also advance the role of women in science. Despite geographical dispersion, it is clear that Telfed’s (former) Capetonian partners are at the heart and core of the organisation, strengthening not only the local SA community but Israel as a whole, through their involvement and encouragement.

Maccabiah memories:
Telfed headed a delegation of over 200 SA community members at the 20th Maccabiah Games. It was clear to see that South Africa had a lot to contribute. Issy Zimmerman cycled his way to two gold medals, Maeve Samuels won gold in the Tennis singles and silver in the doubles. Her daughter Robyn Ginsberg and grand-daughter Keren Gordon whisked up two bronze medals playing netball for Israel, setting the impressive family tally at four, covering three generations and two countries. The Milliner siblings also secured four Maccabiah medals between them, with Stanley winning gold and silver in Squash. His sister Jillian was able to defend her tennis singles gold for the third time in a row and this time added a silver medal in the doubles. Other impressive achievements in the Swimming division included Margaret Porat’s four gold medals, three golds for Rona Joffe and three Maccabiah medals for Debbie Chitiz.


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