Why LaunchPad?

Yaron Wiesenbacher

By Yaron Wiesenbacher

Any Jewish function/event/get-together can be a little hard to navigate.
Especially because of how differently Jewish we all are.
The ‘ish’ in Jewish, indicates the level of how Jewish someone is.

Some are religious…ish.
Some are kosher…ish.
And some think that the prawn is simply dee-lish.

I spent two days on LaunchPad with a mix of Yids that were truly diverse. We all have different beliefs, yet we were all striving towards the same goal.

The tolerance exercised from the entire group was something I was very proud to be part of.

If you think about it, the concept of LaunchPad is a bit weird, ish.
Because well: What is it? Why is it? How is it? Howsit ? Howsit China. Ya no, lekker.

Jokes aside, the team behind LaunchPad absolutely nailed it.
The concept is to unite incredible change­makers, give them skills, networks and opportunities to connect, think, create and lead together. They did all of this.

And what’s more: they created a space that was free. Free from judgement. Free from prejudice. And free from prawns.

I went to LaunchPad for the simple reason that I want to be more involved in my community. I’m not nearly as involved as I’d like to be. And that’s my fault. Not the community’s.

LaunchPad was a perfect first step, in a direction I’ve been wanting to walk for a very long time.


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