Machaneh Na’aleh — The place to be

As Rosh Machaneh of Habonim Dror’s Machaneh for 2017, I’ve been tasked with providing Jewish youth from across South Africa with the experience of a lifetime.

Habonim Machaneh has always played and will continue to always play an immense role in the lives of Jewish youth in South Africa. We remain to be the only large and impactful Machaneh in South Africa that is able to cater for Orthodox, Progressive, Cultural and secular Jewish youth. We remain to be the only Machaneh whose madrichim have gone through the movement, and whose relationships formed with the channichim are based on a mutual trust, understanding and caring for the well-being (whether it be emotionally, physically, intellectually, or socially) of the channichim.

Habonim Machaneh is special and unique, not only because we are situated on one of the best beaches in Southern Africa or because our peulot are dynamic and educationally stimulating for each and every channich, but because Habonim Machaneh is the place where all Jewish youth can come together under one banner, making best friends and having the cleanest and purest fun imaginable for three weeks.

There is a reason that every year we have channichim coming to Habonim who have in past years chosen to do something different with their holidays, and they always tell us the same thing — that they wished that they had made the choice to attend Habonim Machaneh earlier. Our time as youth is limited, and choosing to do something different, something fun, something meaningful with your summer holidays is what makes it last the longest. I want to create an environment at camp that allows all Jewish youth to extend their youth, to allow them to be the people that they choose to be, and to allow them to make memories for a lifetime, all on the safest and most well run Machaneh available to them.

From our beautiful beach, warm song-filled camp fires, our brand new tents and ablutions, to our inspiring madrichim, jam-packed schedule, and plentiful sports tournaments, Habonim Machaneh will be the only place this December with boredom-free children. Spending Machaneh with us will never be a decision you regret. For more info on Habonim Machaneh, please feel free to get in touch with me on or 011 786 7046.

David Schwartz
Rosh Machaneh 2017


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