Partnership2Gether school twinning Israeli teachers delegation 2017

Braving the Rain in the Winelands: Chen, Dorit, Lilach, Yael and Eti

Partnership2Gether is a Jewish Agency Project in which Diaspora Jewish Communities are paired with regions in Israel to promote Jewish peoplehood and understanding.

South Africa is twinned with the Beit Shemesh-Mateh Yehuda region. One of the flagship programmes of Partnership2Gether is the Global School Twinning initiative which sees Diaspora schools paired with Israeli schools in the Partnership region to facilitate person-to-person connections with both pupils and educators.

In Cape Town we are proud to have three School Twinning Pairs successfully running, namely Herzlia Constantia with Ein Harim, Herzlia Highlands with Hadassim and Herzlia Weizmann with Hashachar. An integral part of the School Twinning is annual Teacher Delegations to both Israel and Cape Town. This year saw a vibrant and enthusiastic contingent of Israeli educators arriving in Cape Town to engage with their twinning partners in both their own paired schools, and the Jewish Community of Cape Town as a whole.

The Israeli educators spent an exciting and packed week in Cape Town teaching in their twin schools, planning for the year ahead and experiencing all that Cape Town has to offer, both within the Jewish Community and the city itself. This included volunteering at Afrika Tikkun, visiting the Astra Centre, guided tours of the South African Holocaust and Genocide Foundation and the District Six Museum, the Herzlia Feel the Beat Concert and extensive touring of beautiful Cape Town.

The Israeli teachers left having connected with their partners and acquiring a deeper understanding of the Jewish Community. They also gained a love for Cape Town and remain completely committed to the School Twinning initiative.


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