Netzer is BACK with a bang!

Netzer has meant and continues to mean, many things to many people over the years. Shaping young minds and creating platforms for connection between the Jewish youth of South Africa and beyond, Netzer means personal growth, Netzer means family, and Netzer always means FUN.

It’s always a magical moment when running into a maddie or a channie from Netzer outside machaneh or Jewish spaces because we know one another, we’ve grown together, learned together, and laughed together.

These aspects are always present at Netzer events, and we have loads of them planned for the months leading to machaneh! Most recently we had a wonderful pizza party. Who doesn’t love relaxing while being surrounded by Pizza and good people?
Throughout September we’ve had a Havdallah Hot chocolate evening, Minute to win it game hour, The Amazing Race scavenger hunt, slam poetry event, and more! We’re also working on a weekend away for the older teens!

Never been to a Netzer event? No problem! We’ve loved seeing all the new and old faces and running events for various age groups. For October we have even more fun planned: interfaith teens night, volunteering at animal shelters, Israeli dancing, movie screenings, Jewish cooking lessons and more. You’ll be getting calls and e-mails regarding all our events, and of course feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

If you want in on the action this December too, then Netzer Machaneh is your place! It runs from 12th to the 26th of December 2017 and you can contact us on for more details.

Lauren Joffe and Ari Sharfstein


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