Women of Courage

Sibonakaliso Ndaba, Jacky Jansen, Daphne Miller (UJW Chairman) Balu Nivison (iNdoni) Debbie Adlington, Lisa Chait (M.C) and Debby Silver (UJW)

In celebration of National Women’s Month, on 24 August the Union of Jewish Women hosted Women of Courage, an extraordinary breakfast event showcasing incredible South African women who have survived the unimaginable and chosen to embrace life, make a difference and change the world.

We hosted five incredible speakers:

Lindiwe Hani, daughter of the murdered Chris Hani, who shared her stories of multiple loss, addiction, bravery, recovery and hope.

Debbie Adlington, the lone survivor of a gruesome family murder, who with courage and incredible inner strength turned her life around and had another child.

Jacky Jansen, who transformed her life to one of service to her community after being an inmate in Pollsmoor Prison.

Griselda Grootboom, who started off life on the streets of Cape Town and then found herself being pimped at a brothel in Johannesburg, a survivor of human trafficking who is now an activist for women’s dignity.

Balu Nivison, who in 2015 co-founded the iNdoni Dance, Arts and Leadership Academy in Cape Town. She invested in youth empowerment and development of township communities and has won a number of awards for her work. Guests were treated to an outstanding performance by students of the Academy.

The event was held together by our talented MC Lisa Chait. A huge thank you goes to the women who bravely shared their stories and the team who put together this incredible event.


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