Bnei Akiva welcome new Shlichot

Shlomit Frenkel and Michal Nativ

Every year around Rosh Hashana two Shlichot arrive from Israel to work for Bnei Akiva Cape Town, in and around the Cape Town Jewish community.

The Shlichot will be with us for the next year and I have no doubt that you will see them engaging with the community throughout the various communal events, at Shuls around Cape Town and teaching in the schools.

We are very excited to welcome Shlomit Frenkel and Michal Nativ to Cape Town and we thought it was a good idea to let the community know what kind of work they do and how they will be involved during their time here.

Our shlichot play a vital role in the running of Bnei Akiva in Cape Town. With a small body of madrichim, the help, creativity and energy that Shlomit and Michal provide are all invaluable resources for our movement and they really help drive us forward in the work we do with the community.

The Shlichot also play a big part in the informal education departments in our schools. They have a continuous presence in the schools and are always able to connect with their students in learning about Israel and Torah.
The other main area that the Shlichot are involved in is their participation in the Israeli Mishlachat. The Bnei Akiva Shlichot together with the Shlichim from the other movements, form the Israeli Mishlachat and they will be seen educating the community about Israel at the various events in the schools and in the community.

We hope that we’ve been able to give a brief idea of what our amazing shlichot do for our movement and how much they do for the community. They are already working on their first projects and I am sure you will meet them soon.

Nathan Esra
Bnei Akiva Cape Town Chairman


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