A marvelous month of Yomtavim for Glendale!

Charles Brand and Jean Meredith

It’s been a simcha-filled month for our Glendale residents

Once again, the annual Glendale 2nd night Rosh Hashana dinner proved to be a huge success! It’s a night our residents look forward to all year — and they especially loved helping with the preparations and doing the decorations. It was incredibly special to see so many guests attend and share in the festivities. And, thanks to the delicious food and amazing atmosphere, it was a simcha that won’t soon be forgotten.

Perhaps even more exciting than hosting the Rosh Hashana dinner, was the fact that our residents got to enjoy having their very own Glendale sukkah. Seeing everyone together in the sukkah was a truly heartwarming experience, and we thank everyone who donated to make this mitzvah possible.
To end off the celebrations on a ‘sweet’ note, the Temple Israel Shul came to Glendale to celebrate Simchat Torah with all our residents. It goes without saying that everyone had a blast, singing and dancing (and enjoying a delicious treat or two). It’s moments like these that make Glendale such an amazing home for our residents — and it’s so touching to see how much everyone there enjoys being a part of these chaggim.

We hope to enjoy even more great experiences like these next year and that there’ll be even more new faces celebrating with our residents.


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