Herzlia hosts water summit

Jered Shorkend, Alon Katz, Karen Shippey and Geoff Cohen at Water Summit 2018

The approach of #DayZero prompted the Herzlia Drought Committee to host a water summit for schools in Cape Town.

Life Sciences teacher, Sally Boddington, together with the committee chaired by Alon Katz and Jered Shorkend arranged WS18. Schools from around Cape Town were invited to send a teacher and two pupils to attend.

Karen Shippey, Chief Director: Environmental Sustainability for the Western Cape addressed the water supply situation in Cape Town. Plant the Seed, an NGO that supports greater agency, critical thinking, collaboration, problem-solving, creativity and citizenship in pupils, ran breakaway sessions. The pupils had to report back on how their schools have approached the water crisis and what they are doing to reduce water consumption in their schools.

The afternoon closed with an address by Dr Kevin Winter from UCT’s Future Water Institute.
The Drought committee was delighted to welcome over 80 pupils and teachers from Rondebosch Boys Prep School, St Cyprians, Bishops, Wynberg Girls High, Belgravia High, Cape Town High, DSK (Deutsche Schule), Peak View Primary School, Sans Souci, Bridge House, Somerset College, Sea Point Primary and Alexander Sinton High School.

They will be producing outcomes from the conference that will be distributed to all the schools that attended.


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