Volunteers are a gift

The Temple Israel Cares Programme offers Bikkur Cholim, Social Support and lifts to and from services to our congregants and their families.

This service is offered by our incredible volunteer carers, who give of their time to share their love and support for our Rabbis and our congregation at the three centres of Temple Israel. Temple Israel Care’s Programme aims to meet the psychosocial needs of the team of volunteers, the congregation they serve, and offers outreach on various levels, where care, concern and consideration (אִכְפַּתִּיּוּת ikh’patiyut) is based on service with empathy and compassion.

In Judaism, pastoral care is provided through an egalitarian relationship between the patient and the provider. In Hebrew, pastoral care is referred to as, ליווי רוחני “livui ruchani”, spiritual accompaniment, where the root of the Hebrew term refers to someone who ‘walks with’ another.

The stronger our volunteer-base is, the more care and support we are able to offer to our congregation, and continue to build a caring community.

Nidhi Amanda Chaitow is a psychosocial counsellor and facilitator and co-ordinates the Temple Israel Cares Programme. Contact her at the office 021 762 1745 or care@templeisrael.co.za.


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