Action at the Diversity Education Outreach Programme

Tafelsig High School

For our dedicated team at the SAJM’s Diversity Education Outreach Programme the school year got off to a racing start.

Since schools opened, our programme has been subscribed to the max, bringing excited children from disadvantaged backgrounds to talk, sing, write and roleplay their way through a variety of engaging activities.

Our new shtetl dress-up experience has been a success! Children and adults alike enjoy dressing up in the costumes hanging in the bedroom, to see what they would have looked like in the shtetl days. We just want to remind everyone please to tag us when you post your selfies.

On Purim, 28 February, we had a surprise visit from Phyllis Jowell Jewish Day School, who came for some joyous singing and dancing in the Old Synagogue. Naturally we paused our programme with Perivale Primary School in Lotus River so that the kids could join in the fun. It was a great introduction to a happy Jewish holiday.


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