Purim 5778 at Temple Israel

Daniella and Mel Beswick

Purim was celebrated on Wednesday evening, 28 February at our Wynberg campus.

Two hundred and fifty congregants (adults and children) attended our Purim Carnival followed by a Purim shpiel interspersed with chanting of verses from the megillah. There was plenty of food (including the obligatory hamantaschen), games for the children and music provided by our visiting songleader, Marshall Voit.

The Purim shpiel was the product of a collaborative effort by Rabbi Malcolm Matitiani, Rabbi Greg Alexander and Marshall and was a contemporary and topical adaptation of the original Purim story. Set in Cape Town, it was a humorous take on the water crisis but still retained the theme and storyline of Megillat Ester. The cast of the shpiel and the megillah leyners consisted of members of the congregation and the singing of Purim songs was facilitated by Marshall.

Many of the attendees dressed up in water themed fancy dress and 5l bottles of water were donated for zedakah, fulfilling the mitzvah of matanot l’evyonim. A great time was had by all.


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