Maccabi enjoys a day out in Khayelitsha

Amphiwe Cebisa and Kai Seeff enjoy pre-match ice breakers at the Maccabi/ CTC Ten Foundation Soccer day in March

On Sunday 25 March, Maccabi Western Province paid a visit to the CTC Ten Foundation in Khayelitsha where they played friendly soccer matches against boys and girls from the area.

A group of 60 boys and girls from Maccabi WP participated in the event which was run by the CTC Ten Foundation facilitators. They started off the day with some dancing and team building games for the children which were thoroughly enjoyed by all participating, as well as the travelling supporting parents.

After the initial dancing and team building activities were done, the soccer games commenced with the u13 boys and u17 girls playing first, followed by the u15 and u17 boys. The quality on show was high, with both the boys and girls from Khayelitsha and Maccabi displaying exceptional skills and talent. The games were played in great spirit and respect for each other.

The day concluded with Maccabi boys and girls donating old clothes, books, equipment, toys and shoes to the CTC Ten Foundation. Ronen Cohen, chairman of Maccabi WP said “The relationship between Maccabi WP and the CTC Ten Foundation is a very important one for us and we strive at all costs to make sure that it flourishes so that it can continue to help those children who are less fortunate than ourselves. It is our way of giving back to the broader community of South Africa and strengthening the bond between Jews and non-Jews in South Africa.”

The facility is part of a broader community development project run by an NGO called Amandla Edufootball and sponsored by an American group who not only provide funding but also sponsor university graduate volunteers to come out for a year from America to work with the project.


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