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Visit to Vergenoegd — Harry and Debbie Epstein, Audrey Shantall and Rivkah Luyt

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Change isn’t easy for anyone — no matter the age.

Whether it is a hairstyle, house, or lifestyle, however small or large it is, change certainly isn’t easy. Southern Suburbs members are currently experiencing yet another change with the appointment of a new social worker. As I pen this newsletter the appointment still has to be made and the feelings of unease of the members is palpable. Whilst assurances are made to promise that we will only employ a suitable person, I know that members are anxious as they attend the various functions. It means a lot to me to know that the social worker has meant so much to each one.

We recently enjoyed our annual midweek break at Goudini Hot Water Springs in Rawsonville. The group was a lot smaller than previously, but this didn’t dampen anyone’s spirits. Most of the group had never been before but after the first hour it was as if a bunch of old friends were away together. We celebrated an 80th birthday of a new-member-first-time-attendee. We also enjoyed bingo and lounging in the hot water springs. The weather was absolutely perfect with warm sunny days and lovely cool evenings and even some much needed rain. Our group enjoyed the hospitality of the winemaker at Opstal farm and a delicious meal served at their restaurant. Each one of us left the venue with a gift of a special package of grapes. We took a drive into Worcester and visited the David Reade glass blowing studio where we were fortunate to witness the master Welsh-born glass blower blowing the most incredible piece of glass. We then travelled on to the Nuy valley where we tasted wonderful olive oil and had a wine tasting experience at the Nuy winery. Worcester Lions entertained us to a special braai on the last evening which certainly was the cherry on the cake for the group — most enquiring as to whether they can book for next year!

Programme Planning
Probably the most stressful part of my job is programme planning — deadlines to meet in order that the monthly calendar and editorial is written in time to be submitted to The Chronicle. I need to plan two months in advance so that when the monthly chronicle is distributed to the community CJSA members can plan their activities and see what we have going on at each of our centers
For each guest speaker and outing, I have to make a number of calls to invite volunteers who are prepared to share their wisdom, anecdotes and expertise. Often they are not available at first attempt so it requires numerous phone calls, follow-ups and emails in order to secure a suitable person. Then, a week before each session, we contact the guest or outing venue to confirm that everything is in order. At least once a month, there is someone who has to bail out for some reason or another — that is the reality of volunteering. Things happen and then the search begins again for a substitute. So I cannot relax until the final proof arrives, and then we begin again for the next month. I try desperately to provide an interesting and varied programme and realise that you can’t please everyone all the time. So if you have ideas regarding possible speakers or outings that you might have enjoyed and think that others may too, please drop me a line so that everyone can benefit.

Ot Azey
This year’s programme is already being planned for the 6th – 8th August. Our panel of teachers are going to ensure a special programme and hopefully the group will enjoy the newly renovated area which will enhance the learning experience. Book early to enjoy the early-bird special!

Never look down on anybody, unless you are helping them up.

Time waits for no one. Treasure every moment you have.
You will treasure it even more when you can share it with someone special.

Remember… Hold on tight to the ones you love!

Diana Sochen
Executive Director

Social and Personal

We extend a hearty mazeltov on the following special occasions:

Edie Busch — Great Grandson
Rene Kleinman — 2 Great Grandsons
Fay Abrahams — Grandson
Rabbi and Rebbetzin Bernstein — Daughter
Henny Bernstein — Great Granddaughter
Roy and Vonny Bernstein — Granddaughter
Mavis Horwitz — Granddaughter Jenna
June Benjamin — Grandson
Irving Freeman — Grandaughter
We extend our sincere condolences to members who have lost family members:
Zmira Cohen — Husband
We welcome New Members to the CJSA family:
Reina Bristow, Jennifer Burnett, Diane Kanter, Ruth Katzmann

Special Events and Outings June — booking essential

Outing Tour of the CTICC Building
10.00 Mon 4 June SS , 10.00 Tues 5 June MTN, 9.30 Wed 12 SP
Men’s Schmooze A morning with Councillor Stuart Diamond
10.30 Fri 1 June MTN, 10.00 Wed 13th June SS, 10.30 Fri 29th SP
Twilight Supper with Judge Dennis Davis
5.30 Tues 12 June SP ; 5:30 Wed 20th June SS
Outing Oom Samie se Winkel in Stellenbosch 25th June SS
10.00 19th June Birthday Pop In SP with Entertainment by the Companions
Outing to Suikerbossie Restaurant 9.30 26th June SP
20 May SS Twilight Supper with Adv Michael Donen R60
26 June SS Light Lunch and Movie. Tony Bennet – the art of the singer R50
28 June MTN Twilight Supper with Dr Tzili Reisenberger R60


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