UJW celebrates another fantastic year — UJW’s 85th AGM

The Chairman and members of the UJW with the principal and staff members and children of the Kensington Educare Centre celebrating a wonderful morning together.

On Thursday 3 May, members of the UJW filled the Hellenic club for the 85th AGM of the UJW Cape Town to hear about the incredible projects and programmes that had been run over the past year.

Daphne Miller, Chairman of the UJW, thanked loyal staff, volunteers, the executive committee, groups, members of the UJW, patrons and benefactors, all of whom had contributed to helping the UJW fulfil its goal of uplifting and assisting those in our community less fortunate than ourselves.

This is the first time in the 85 year history of the UJW that a Capetonian, Myra Goldenbaum, has been elected National President of the UJW South Africa and we were fortunate that she was able to address the meeting, bringing national and international news.

There was a tribute to Freda Davis, a long standing member of the UJW Executive committee who had passed away earlier this year. Daphne spoke about the Freda Davis Award and how this will carry on for many years to honour her. Freda’s sister Shooshi Buchinsky and daughter Marylin Davis-Shulman gave a moving talk about Freda and paid tribute to this incredible women and her years of service to the community. She will be missed and always remembered.

The morning continued with the handing out of awards to various members of the UJW for their dedicated and meritorious service. These included an honorary life membership to Nilly Baruch, a Freda Kapalus award to Hazel Hart, three Toni Saphra awards to Ada Newman, Naomi Samols and Lili Watkins and two Sara Sloman awards to Joy Fasser and Elaine Sher.
Appreciation awards were given to Hilary Osrin and Gita Finkelstein and Service Excellence awards were presented to Helene Rabinowitz, Karen Kallmann and Silvana Silverman. Daphne spoke about the numerous projects the UJW has been involved with and the outstanding work that has been accomplished this past year. She presented the final award, the Pearl Mandalstam Chairman’s award to the Simcha Group of the UJW in recognition of their outstanding dedication and hard work.

Dawn Nathan-Jones, the guest speaker, gave an uplifting and inspiring talk about her life and achievements. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed her powerful words and contagious energy, Patsy Fivelman thanked Dawn for being a true role model. Daphne announced the Executive committee for 2018/19 with Patsy Fivelman as the new Chairman for 2018 and wished the committee and Patsy much luck for the upcoming year.

The morning ended with a delightful concert put on by the children of the Kensington Educare Centre. The children’s enthusiasm brought light and joy to the room and it was wonderful to see the results of all the hard work and time everyone has put in to the Educare Centre.

The Chairman and UJW Executive committee wish to say a big ‘Thank You’ to Adele Goldberg for the beautiful photos, to Berkies for the delicious food, to Patrick from Sound Events and the Hellenic Club staff for their excellent service. Thanks also to Dawn Nathan-Jones our wonderful guest speaker and to all our patrons, benefactors and members for their ongoing support. We look forward to a fabulous year ahead.


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