Eliot Osrin Leadership Institute kicks off first module of 2018

Back row: Jos Horwitz, Dalia Katz, Leora Hessen, Hazel Levin, Lisa Sandler, Michelle Scher, Sheila Valentini, Shane Brorson, Sion Gelgor and Roberto Franco. Middle row: Heather Blumenthal, Audrey Berkovitz, Cheryl Lazarus, Cara Saven, Adrienne Jacobson, Desiree Hutchison, Nicki Wingerin, Simone Sulcas, Andrea Milwidsky, Janene Currie, Michael Jowell, Jodi Ramsay and Elaine Chernotsky. Front row: Beverly Da Costa, Lindy Diamond, Natalie Altman, Jonny Altman, Rowan Polovin, Robyn Slot, Joel Merris, Lesley Katz and Shelley Segal

Cape Town has joined the global trend of offering Jewish leadership programmes of excellence.

Having researched local and international business models, both general and Jewish, the Eliot Osrin Leadership Institute has customised a programme to meet the needs of our community. The scope covers in depth knowledge of our community and organisations, self-reflection and development, ethical leadership and best practice. In this course, participants are exposed to theory, practice, projects and peer learning as well as coaching and mentorship.

The Institute will act as an active hub and incubator of leadership programmes that reflect Eliot Osrin’s (z”l) legacy of inclusivity, compassion, mentorship, community cohesion and financial discipline, all of which he will be remembered for.
The cohort of 2018 has just completed the first module of the programme, with two more to follow in July and August. Below are reflections on the programme from some of the participants as they finished module one.

Dalia Katz
It’s about embracing the diversity of our community. We are all Jewish but that means something different to all of us. It’s about making meaningful connections and being receptive to the diversity within the room. You can’t lead if you can’t connect. If you want to lead you need to understand the broader community.”

Michael Jowell
The most important thing is that the community is investing in itself, providing mentorship for our future leaders. It’s given me an insight into the broader community and how the community functions as a whole.

Joel Merris
The first module has provided some interesting insight into the dynamics of and tools required for effective leadership. It has provided a space for some critical debate, amongst a diverse group of people, on important issues that are facing the Cape Town Jewish community which will impact on the way we move forward as a community.

Andrea Milwidsky
It has been a good opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of the Jewish organisations and initiatives that serve and hold the community so well.

Hazel Levin
I am proud to be part of this incredible initiative, the trainers are of the highest calibre, and I’m having the opportunity to learn and relearn to empower myself, as a leader to serve the community in any capacity.

Bev Da Costa
This has been an amazing opportunity to make us think outside of the box and take us out of our comfort zones. It’s helping us shape our leadership roles.

Heather Blumenthal
The course has provided a unique opportunity for self-reflection, defining who you are and identifying the role one can play in the community.

Leora Hessen
The EOLI programme is a way to engage with other community minded leaders in a constructive and meaningful manner. The programme provides an important tool in helping to understand yourself and how your role as a leader affects the human lives in your community.

Audrey Berkovitz
A connection is developed between diverse groups within the community to encourage our curiosity and develop leadership skills to bring about change.



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