The Union of Jewish Women celebrates Mandela Day

One of the new moms, Ahntasslynn February, holding her beautiful son Elijah standing with Lucille Anthony from Somerset Hospital and Leaza Cowan from the UJW 

On the 18th of July the Executive Committee and members of the UJW gathered together at Stonehaven to pack 67 baby bags and create awesome eco-bricks in honour of Mandela Day.

Baby Bags for Beginners is one of the UJW’s newest projects. Bags are packed with all the essentials a new mom will need to look after and care for her newborn full-term or preemie baby.

The bags were distributed at the Somerset Hospital, where some members of the Executive Committee together with Carmen Henwell and the Social work team gave the bags out to the new mothers at the kangaroo preemie unit. They were thrilled to receive the bags and there was much excitement as they opened them and unpacked all the goodies.

Thanks once again to our wonderful Cape Town community for the generous donations. We could not have done this without your help. Thanks also to Carmen Herwell and her team for organising the handout and ensuring that the bags were given to the mothers in most need.

As an ongoing project we hope that Baby Bag for Beginners will benefit many more mothers and babies, enabling them to have a better start to life. The UJW looks forward to many more rewarding and successful Mandela Days in the future


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