SAUJS and BZA work to empower young girls in Gugs

WIZO recently collected and handed over 1300 packs of sanitary pads to students at Intshukumo Secondary School in Gugulethu, in the hope that this will enable these young women to never miss a day of school.

Going forward, SAUJS will be joining up with Injabulo Projects to continue their participation in the #keepagirlinschool campaign. Injabulo Projects have headed up various support projects, including the Anti-Bullying Project and the LGBTIAQ+ Support Project.

SAUJS Director Nicole Lee explains, “We will continue to support Intshukumo Secondary School in Gugulethu, but we also aim to extend the (#keepagirlinschool) campaign to females who are studying at colleges and universities in the Western Cape, to ensure that they can be #keptincollege or #keptinvarsity while on their menstrual cycles. To this end, we will place a portion of the sanitary wear collected in all female toilets at various tertiary education institutions across the province.”


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