Dayeinu; A template for gratitude — Adam Zartz

I’m thankful for the lessons my father taught me

My wife, Aura, and I have been blessed with a home filled with Yiddishkeit. 

We so appreciate being surrounded by the stable Cape Town Jewish community, who provide such an important and strong Jewish foundation to our lives. 

We can show our gratitude, or thanks, in many ways and it is important to recognise that the deepest gratitude is often demonstrated in the least ‘expensive’ ways. 

Taking the time to talk to someone, or volunteering, for example, at Highlands House. 

These simple acts can make a big difference — giving back and contributing whether it be inside of our community or outside of it. 

For me, Pesach is a very special holiday and a time when I especially remember my late father, Theo Zartz. He would conduct the Seder with so much enthusiasm and we would sing every song with joy, taking care not to miss a single note. 

One of the greatest things my father taught me was to be proud of who I am and where I have come from. 

Not a day passes when I don’t draw on his legacy and appreciate that it’s the lessons he taught me that have made me to be proud of the way that I deal with challenging issues. 

I could not be more grateful to him for teaching me, even in the face of adversity, to be proud to be a Jew.

Adam is married to Aura and they have a seven-month-old daughter named Allegra.

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