Dayeinu; A template for gratitude — Elan Lohmann

I’m thankful for my journey to health

Since Pesach is about our liberation from slavery I wanted to share my gratitude for my liberation from unhealthy living and hopefully inspire you with my story.

Seven year ago I discovered on my personal journey that everything is better in life when you are healthy. I believe passionately that you are a better parent, partner, worker and human in general. 

It took me until late in my life to learn this lesson. For 12 years of my working life I was a corporate chain-smoking workaholic who lived on junk food, hardly slept and got no exercise at all. 

My career as an executive and climbing the corporate ladder was my only focus. At age 35 I realised that I was on a miserable path and not living the life I dreamed of as a sporty kid. 

I was on a one-way ticket to diabetes, heart disease, impotence and more. 

Something had to give and so I began my journey to change my health. I started a Facebook Group called the ‘Sleekgeek Health Revolution’ for me and 10 friends to help each other and accidently created a movement of people which now totals 85 000. 

When we had just 600 community members I gave up my salary and quit the security of my career to pursue the dream of helping people live a better life through health.

I express my gratitude to the universe by sharing that message with others. Nothing beats knowing you helped someone to live a better life and 99% of what we offer we offer people for free.
Having my own venture has been tough but extremely rewarding and worth it with no regrets. 

I challenge you to find your purpose in life and pursue it with passion.

Elan is the founder of the Sleekgeek Health Revolution, a community of support that aims to change the lives of 1 Million people through health and fitness.

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