Men acknowledge their role in preventing violence against womxn

At 9am on Monday 9 September, men around South Africa stood together in silence for 9 minutes as part of the #99949 campaign. “We are standing in solidarity with our wives, our mothers, our daughters, our girlfriends, our lovers, our friends, our colleagues, our country, in grief, sadness, shame and anger at the current state of our nation.” says Kholekile Dlakiya from the Mankind Project, an international community of men representing all walks of life across society.

“We are fathers and sons, brothers and husbands, and along with all womxn, we are role models for our families and our communities. And we need to take responsibility for the roles we play, whether actively or passively, both by our actions and our inaction” says Aron Halevi, who launched #99949 only 4 days ago. 

Mankind Project and #99949 challenge ALL men in South Africa, regardless of age, race, sexuality or income to stand together at this critical moment. “We must all do whatever we can to keep our families, our streets, our communities and our country safe from the legacy of violence and abuse that still plagues our society.”

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