90-year-old Dr Hymie Ehrlich: the oldest paraglider in Cape Town

Hymie Ehrlich celebrates

On 13 January, Dr Hymie Ehrlich elegantly descended onto the Sea Point Promenade after paragliding off Signal Hill — and literally landed on his feet. 

This would be an impressive feat for anybody, but it was even more impressive because it was his 90th birthday — what a way to celebrate!

The GP, who still practises three days a week, is no stranger to this sky-high sport. To celebrate his 86th birthday in 2016, Hymie went paragliding with Fly Cape Town Paragliding (FCTP), together with his granddaughter Lisa Friedman and her husband, Shlomi. 

After the flight, Hymie asked whether he was the oldest to have flown with the company, but this title had been claimed by an 88-year-old. Hymie was told that FCTP would gift him with a free flight for his 89th birthday, and in  2019, Hymie became the oldest person in Cape Town to paraglide. FCTP not only treated him to a complimentary flight, but also supplied him with the camera and video footage for free. 

The 90-year-old cemented his title this year when he broke his own record as the oldest paraglider in Cape Town. After landing, Hymie stated, “It was a wonderful experience… a great occasion” 

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