Israeli innovators brainstorm solutions for Australia bushfires

StandWithAus Hackathon contestants conjure up ideas to help mitigate the effects of the Australian bushfires. Photo by Tal Raviv

The bushfires raging through Australia could soon receive aid from Israel in the most Israeli way possible – the coming together of minds of the startup nation.

Last Thursday, some 150 Israeli developers and activists gathered in Tel Aviv for an all-night hackathon aimed at relieving the dire situation in Australia.

Called #StandWithAus, the event saw 17 projects materialize by early Friday morning, each meant to ease the crisis in the fire-torn country.

First place went to the AirKoalaty initiative devised by forecast startup ClimaCell. Based on ClimaCell’s forecast technology, the project would allow Australians to make an informed choice whether to step outside their homes or wait until the air pollution dies down. This could aid people with respiratory diseases, as well as the general population.

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By Naama Barak for Israel21c

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