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The Cape Jewish Chronicle is available, at no charge, to every Jewish household in the Western Cape. Readers are invited to submit a voluntary subscription fee of R350 per year.

Please note that if you’re not in Cape Town, overseas postage costs R895 per 11 issues.

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The Cape Jewish Chronicle Trust
Bank: Standard Bank
Account type: Current account
Branch: Thibault Square
Branch Code: 020 909
Account Number: 070 703 493
Please use your cellphone number as payment reference. Or your communal number, which can be found on your Chronicle address label.

Please email confirmation of payment to advertising@ctjc.co.za.

We no longer accept credit card payments over the phone. Please visit our office between 9am-1pm on weekdays.

Easy payment with Zapper or SnapScan using the QR codes below straight from your phone.

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• If you live in Cape Town and do not receive the Chronicle, please send an email to chron@ctjc.co.za or call us at 021 461 6736 (09h00-13h00) to start your subscription.
• If you would like to subscribe to our monthly digital subscription, please email editor@ctjc.co.za

Please let us know if you change your address, email chron@ctjc.co.za.

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