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** At the time of publication, the CJSA had suspended all activities due to COVID-19. Events advertised in this calendar are subject to change or cancellation. For more information visit CJSA on Facebook**

Retirement reinvention: become a new you?

Maybe you want nothing to change once you retire, or maybe you are anxious for that next new phase, and what it could bring. Retirement isn’t one idea, and it’s definitely not static. It’s just the next stage, and with people living much longer than ever before, it can last more than 20 years.

So, the question is, what to do on retirement? One thing is for certain, you aren’t short of options. If you are even slightly interested in reinventing yourself in this stage of life, there are a few tips and some different approaches.

Imagine your future and who you want to be
There is no doubt that you have dreamed of your future and retirement, but, now that it is coming near, it is time to put the dreams for retirement re-invention into action and get going on your new life. The sooner you start, the better!

Start by getting as specific as possible about what you want out of this stage of life and really visualise all the details. Write it down! Draw a picture or write out your goals. Committing your dreams to print can profoundly impact on your success. Decide on a plan, map out your path to your retirement re-invention and make lists. Work on your plan every day. Stick reminders around the house, do a little research, make a phone call… do anything to make progress.

Some ideas for your retirement re-invention
Become a career student: Some people are lifelong students, or at least, they’d like to be. If that describes you, you are not alone. A growing number of retirees and people approaching retirement decide on this option. There are many online courses or short courses which can be followed at colleges or universities.

Start a business of your own: Starting your own business in retirement is another trend that’s gaining ground. I guess it is kind of the anti-retirement re-invention. You could capitalise on the skills that you’ve worked hard to acquire over the years, or branch out and try something entirely new.

The American National Institute on Ageing says that most people, particularly Baby Boomers, want to work into retirement. Many people make a gradual transition from full time to part-time and eventually on to full retirement.

Forget work, just relax!
While a large percentage of people plan to, or want to, work in retirement the realities can be different, at least right now. They call it an expectation gap. Many people expect to retire later. However, in reality a large per-centage of retirees actually did work for no pay at all. If you look forward to never needing a schedule again, know that you are not alone. The trick to leaving the workforce permanently in retirement is having the income to support your lifestyle. You will probably live longer than your ancestors, so you might need more money than you think. According to Yale News, if you believe the positive stereotypes about retirement, you could suffer fewer illnesses, heal better and add more years to your life.

Volunteer, make family or friends the priority, start a new hobby, travel…

Retirement is your time and the possibilities are endless. What to do after retirement is the question that a great many people face. Retirees do spend more time in leisure and ‘leisure’ can mean many different things. You can:

Volunteer: If volunteering interests you, you might want to explore these opportunities.
• Spend time with grandkids: Recent research indicates that spending time with grandchildren is good for you.
• Start a new hobby: Having a passion in life can help keep you young and vital.
• Travel: With good planning you can make your retirement travel dreams come true.

Have a retirement plan: No matter how you choose to spend your time in retirement, you need to be sure that you can afford to pay for your life now and well into the future. To get started, you need to take stock of how much money you have and how much you will need. If you want to keep the same lifestyle, your expenditures should drop at least some-what. The advice about needing millions in the bank might not apply to you at all. The only way to know for sure is by examining your lifestyle, your expenses, savings, investments and to assess and tinker with your finances to find retirement security. Your financial plan doesn’t have to look like anyone else’s, and your life goals don’t either. Your retirement has to be your own, based on your own life goals just right for you.

Continually move forward: Be willing to accept that the path to reinvention can zig-zag all over the place as long as it is still moving forward towards your goals. Remember that you do have influence over your own life and for this journey you get to make changes when you see fit. Reinvention isn’t an event. It is a process that does not end. It may sound like a huge task but it is all about being able to make the necessary adjustments to change the direction you want your life to go in.

Reinventing yourself through change is a beautiful thing when you get to decide to follow what is truly important to you and to pursue something you are passionate about.

Anyone can succeed once we know what it is that we want to accomplish in our personal reinvention.

Diana Sochen Executive Director

Social and Personal

We extend a hearty Mazeltov on the following joyous occasions:

Ella Blumenthal — great grandson
Ann Harris — grandson
Jos and Gwen Kahn — granddaughter
Clive and Ethlyn Sussman — granddaughter

Rabbi and Rebbetzin Green — son
Ruth Katzeff — granddaughter
Rabbi and Rebbetzin Popack — son

Irving Freeman
Cecily Kaplan

We extend our sincere condolences to our members who have lost family members
Reina Epstein — brother
Ruth Reitstein — son
Audrey Shantall — husband
Lillian Sheldon — daughter
Ruth Goldman — brother

We extend our sincere condolences to the family of our members who have recently passed away
Family of Selwyn Borkowf
Family of Doreen Wingerin

Warm welcome to new members
Shirley Kaplan, Daphne Leibowitz, Joan Alpert, Leo Turvey

Special Events in April

** At the time of publication, the CJSA had suspended all activities due to COVID-19. Events advertised in this calendar are subject to change or cancellation. For more information visit**

6 April Dunes Restaurant in Hout Bay
20 April Stark Ayres Garden Centre
Sea Point
8 April Dunes Restaurant in Hout Bay
22 April Rhodes Memorial
21 April Vineyard Hotel
28 April Dunes Restaurant in Hout Bay
West Coast
7 April Babylonstoren

MEN’S SCHMOOZE With Rabbi Richard Newman:
Milnerton 3 April
Southern Suburbs 15 April
Sea Point 22 April

Southern Suburbs 22 April Dave Steward
Sea Point 21 April Heidi Lampert
Milnerton 23 April Shawn Levin

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