Celebrating HABONIM’s 90th Anniversary in Israel

HUG will be the two-day Habonim Ultimate Gathering where movement graduates living in Israel join together with those from abroad for an experience like no other.

The event consists of a five-day Kaleidoscope Programme described as a nuanced journey of depth and disruption in the open, experiential and informal educational style of Habonim. This programme has a proven record of bridging needs for participants ranging from mavens who have visited Israel many times to first timers.

“We see a coming-together of community, created over the decades, for whom HabonimDror SA has had a transformative and meaningful effect. Whether social, intellectual or political, this effect has been key to their interactions with each other and the societies in which they live,” say organisers.

HUG will take the form of multiple events, interactions and unique experiences. Some of these will be together with the full gathering of attendees. Others will take the form of parallel activities. A lot will be meeting old friends and listening to new voices

Organisers say that “the aim is to create an experience filled with fun, wonderful memories and looking to the future. The programme carries with it, momentum and impact and creates value for us as individuals. The impact created can be taken with us into the environments in which we are active, beyond the moment. Unlike many reunions, which are momentary, rushed and solely based on nostalgia, this will be a coming together of wonderful people; sharing stories, common experiences, singing songs and a look at the future within the comforts of fun, friendship and trust.”

The events will take place at a modest, yet beautiful and comfortable resort called YEARIM tucked in the hills between Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. Kaleidoscope will run Sunday to Thursday 18-23 October and HUG will run from Friday to Saturday night 23 and 24 October 2020. 200 have already people signed up and organisers are expecting over 1 000 to attend.

To register www.habo2020.com.

Habonim Dror

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