HDSA Cape Town off to a great start

The Cape Town Ken has been thriving over the last couple of weeks! We started our weekly meetings for madrichim which boasted close to 40 Bogrim coming together to get ready to start the year off with Habonim.

On 23 February we had our opening Ken Event. Our channichim, from Grade 3 to Grade 11, and our Bogrim body enjoyed a carnival themed day filled with snacks, games and lots of fun. It was the first of many successful events that the Cape Town Ken plans to host this year.

After just coming off a hugely successful Mini-Mach in March, HDSA is ready for our April Seminar happening from 14-19 April. This seminar, aimed at Grade 11 and 12 pupils, begins their engagement with hadracha (leadership styles) before they become madrichim. They also learn about Habonim’s history and the importance of HDSA in society.

Aaron Sher, Rosh Ken Cape Town

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