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We are so blessed as Jews to have a calendar that is structured in a way that draws our attention to the things that really matter.

We have a festival coming up this month, Pesach — The Season of our Liberation — which asks of us to look inside and question if we are truly free!

How many people would typically get round to having this conversation with themselves. With my attention being pulled in a million and one different directions I don’t know that I would just stop and think about freedom. I’m taking a moment to be grateful for that.

For the liberation our laws bring by elevating us above the mundane. For our tradition of introspection. For my parents and theirs, going all the way back to Egypt — who passed our people’s story down to me. And to G-d for taking us out of that ‘Land of Limitations’ (Mitzrayim) and for giving us true freedom — the freedom to be a servant to nothing and no one but the Master of all. Let us employ this gift of freedom and leave everything else behind. Let us use these days of Pesach to listen to the call of our souls that just want to break-free from the shackles of any foreign masters that aren’t serving us.

By Nissen Goldman

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