All Together Now – A Unity Haggadah Companion

Dear friends,
This year is different. In our quest to protect each other, so many of us will be apart for the very first time on Seder night. But we don’t need to go on this journey of the Seder night alone.
And so, I invited the remarkable and talented rabbis and rebbetzins of our community to be our companions on this journey. Their response, as always, has been so positive and warm.
I’m excited and honoured to present the first ever All Together Now – A Unity Haggadah Companion by the rabbis and rebbetzins of South Africa. It is a compendium of insights and inspirational ideas, each of which reflects the unique insights and personalities of their authors.
I invite you all to pore over the ideas, to explore them as preparation for your Seder. Print out the companion and select a few ideas that really speak to you to read out loud at your Seder.
We may be apart, but we can still make this year’s Seders the best and most meaningful we have ever experienced.
May G-d bring health and healing to our community, to our country, to our world.
I wish you all a Chag Kasher Vsame’ach,
Chief Rabbi Warren Goldstein 

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With special thanks to all the contributors:
Chief Rabbi and Gina Goldstein | Rabbi Osher Feldman | Rabbi Ari Kievman | Rabbi Yehuda and Rebbetzin Estee Stern | Rabbi Avraham Tanzer | Rabbi Menachem Raff | Rebbetzin Hadassah Auerbach | Rabbi Baruch Rabanowitz | Rabbi Jarred Bloch | Rebbetzin Goldie Simpson | Rabbi Dani Brett | Rebbetzin Pnina Spinner | Rabbi Daniel Kaplan | Rebbetzin Avigail Popack | Rabbi Daniel Beider | Rabbi Azriel Uzvolk | Rabbi Mendel Popack | Rabbi Shmuel Ozhekh | Rabbi Dovid Wineberg | Rabbi David Shaw | Rabbi Dovi Goldstein | Rabbi Danny Sackstein | Rabbi Mendel Rabinowitz | Rebbetzin Maria Beider | Rabbi Mordechai Rodal | Rabbi Justin Swaine | Rabbi Shmuli Kagan | Rabbi Matthew Liebenberg | Rabbi Ari Shishler | Rebbetzin Dr Dvori Blumenau | Rabbi Darryl Froom | Rabbi Asher Deren | Rabbi Dr P Zekry | Rebbetzin Joan Bernhard from the writings of her late husband, Rabbi N M Bernhard, zl | Rabbi Dovid Baddiel | Rebbetzin Tziporah Carlebach | Rabbi Hillel Bernstein | Rabbi Yossi Chaikin | Rabbi Aharon Zulberg | Rabbi Eli Spinner | Rebbetzin Lee-at Goldstein | Rabbi Avi Shlomo | Rebbetzin Joan Bernhard | Rabbi Yochi Ziegler | Rabbi Avigdor Blumenau | Dayan B Rapoport | Rabbi Alon Friedman | Rabbi Mendel Lipskar | Rabbi Gedalia Kauffman | Rabbi Rodney Richard | Rabbi Dovid Hazdan | Rabbi David Chiger | Rabbi Ami Glixman | Rabbi Chanoch Galperin | Rabbi Shlomo Gliksberg | Rabbi Yoel Smith | Rebbetzin Aviva Thurgood | Rebbetzin Laia Uzvolk | Rabbi Levi Avtzon | Rabbi Matthew Tucker | Rebbetzin Gila Chitiz | Rabbi Yosef Menachem Salzer | Rebbetzin Feige Hazdan | Rabbi Sean Cannon | Rabbi Steven Krawitz | Rabbi David Masinter | Rebbetzin Sara Ozhekh | Rebbetzin Temmi Hadar | Rebbetzin Chami Baddiel | Rabbi Levi and Rebbetzin Rosie Popack | Rabbi Yechezkel Auerbach | Rabbi Shimon Wolpe | Rebbetzin Tamar Taback | Rabbi Motti Hadar | Rabbi Yossie Hecht | Rabbi Yossy Goldman | Rebbetzin Tali Kagan | Rabbi Pinny Kahn | Rabbi Jonathan Fox | Rabbi Alex Carlebach | Rabbi Naftali Silver | Rebbetzin Debra Rubanowitz | Rebbetzin Debbie Suiza | Rabbi Reuven Zail | Rebbetzin Aviva Rabinowitz | Rebbetzin Mashi Lipskar |

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