Wouldn’t you like to have a European passport?

In today’s world, more people are looking to expend their horizons and their possibilities.

Since European countries have changed their laws, enabling descendants of citizens who left Europe to reinstate European citizenship, obtaining dual citizenship has become very popular.

Many South African Jews have ancestors originally from Europe, and even these whose ancestors came from North Africa or the Middle East are considered to be descendants of Jews exiled from Spain, so most Jews in South Africa stand a fair chance of obtaining European citizenship.

The main question is why would you want a European passport?

  1. South Africans who try to obtain European citizenship site worries about an uncertain future for their children as a primary reason for doing so.
  2. In terms of economic uncertainty, having dual citizenship and being a European citizen is a safeguard which also enables them to work and run businesses around the world.

In terms of family safety, ensuring that they can live in communities with lower crime rates.

Most people here share the same feeling: “At the moment, life here is good, and cheaper than in many other places. However, we want to know that if we want to leave, we have other options abroad.”

Others admitted that besides wanting to have a backup plan, holding dual citizenship is about having keys to unlock doors locked for South Africans. They can operate businesses and study in universities in Europe and be able to travel without having to apply for visas.

Aliyah and the Israeli Passport?
Israel is always an option! However, in order to obtain an Israeli passport, one has to make Aliyah. Some Jews would like to move to Israel, but worry about language, culture and the higher cost of living.

A dual citizenship with a European passport is a way to have all the benefits of Europe while staying at home.

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By Avi Horesh

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