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Dad, aged 91 (Harry, Hertzie, Hertzog, OOM, Oupie, Yaya or our Dad) passed away on Sunday evening 26 May, from complications
of age and lymphoma.

Mom aged 89½ (Lou, Louisa, Louise, Granny or Mom) followed him 36 hours later in the early hours of Tuesday 28 May from an epic battle with cancer among other things!

Dad always wanted her to go first, but she hung on for him to go.

The Cape Chevra Kadisha were unbelievably kind (with special mention of Benny Sandler and his team). They managed to get permission for them to buried not only together but in the same grave. So not only did we get to bury them on Tuesday 28 May,
but Dad will always be able to protect her.

Our gratitude to those able to attend this laying to rest on such a beautiful day especially the comforting words and guidance from Rabbi Ryan Newfield of Muizenberg.

We missed all those family, friends and colleagues who would have traveled to be there if it wasn’t for COVID-19.

This was especially hard for our extended family around South Africa and the world.

We take strength in knowing that they are at peace and they are together.

Mourned by Len, Anne, Robyn and their families.

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