Habonim: Keeping busy in quarantine

During these uncertain times, HDSA has learned to adapt and improvise our programmes to help keep our chaverim involved.

During lockdown, we have taken the opportunity to hold many of our programmes nationally instead of separately in Johannesburg and Cape Town. We have had many weekly meetings over Zoom, engaging our Bogrim in many fun and educational activities.

We recently had our annual Third Seder over Zoom. This is where our Bogrim come together to have a Seder with a Habo twist. We used this as an opportunity to use our new HDSA Haggadah (available from our Facebook page) composed by Shauna Rosendorf and Amber Gordon with the help many fellow Bogrim. 

The front page of our new haggadah

Our Rosh Channichim (Daniel Flaum and Jesse Lees) have released the first edition of a newsletter for our channichim that includes many fun activities, interesting facts and lots of things to keep busy during the lockdown. They have also begun releasing episodes of a new show for our channichim. They have plenty more in store so keep your eyes peeled on our social media!

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