Happy Birthday, Rosalie!

Rosalie Wolpe

By Highlands House staff

Rosalie Wolpe is turning 111. She has lived through a lot in her long life, and so far has survived the COVID-19 lockdown too. 

Rosalie spends her days quietly in her special chair in her spot in the sun in the lounge on her floor. She often dozes off but always wakes up in time for her tea and her lunch. Her carer Julia tells us that she insists on her soup and tea being hot!! She will not have food and drink that is luke-warm. And she absolutely loves dark chocolate. Her favourite treat of all is a chocolate muffin and a cappuccino. Her son David (her baby as she likes to refer to him) sees that she regularly gets her favourite things. 

Another favourite of Rosalie’s is the Bingo afternoon at Highlands House. Rosalie never misses this, and she has done very well at the game too, judging by the number of prize vouchers she has stocked up. Reading the newspaper is another activity Rosalie enjoys. Julia brings Rosalie the newspaper every morning, and she often reads the headlines out loud to Julia. She misses her daughter Janet who lives in Sydney, Australia and her three grandsons, of whom she is very proud.

Rosalie was a keen mountaineer, and met her late husband while climbing Table Mountain. She walked to work and to the shops in Claremont where she lived; never drove or possessed a car. Rosalie attributes her longevity to all the exercise she did. 

Our leading lady says she is very content at Highlands House. The mutual love between Rosalie and her two carers Julia and Emma is clear to see, and the same can be said for all the carers, staff and residents of Highlands House. Rosalie is our icon and is loved and admired by all. 

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