My year with Netzer South Africa, July 2019-July 2020

Hannah Taylor going through some music for Shabbat with Cailin Groll

By Hannah Taylor

One of my favourite Netzer traditions is how we celebrate Havdallah. The entire camp stands in a circle with their arms around one another and blesses the separation between Shabbat and the new week with prayer and music. 

After the flame is extinguished, the community goes around the circle to wish Shavua Tov, a good week, to each person individually. Seeing the connection that the entire community has with one another made it clear to me that anyone can find a home in Netzer. Netzer is not a physical place, it’s something that lives in our hearts, our minds, and our hands. 

I know that I will be taking a part of Netzer South Africa with me wherever I go.

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