South Africa — Covid-19 and beyond: Supporting the poor and vulnerable in South Africa

Our Jewish values compel us to support both our own community and the poor and vulnerable around us.

South Africa’s socio-economic challenges did not start, nor will they end as a result of this crisis. We are expected to reach the peak of local infections in the coming weeks, but the ‘hangover effect’ on South Africa’s economy will be felt for months and years to come. Right now we to need support immediate needs, as well as help build resilience and future-proof poorer communities. 

This campaign calls on us all to help those in need in whatever way we can. Acting collectively as a Jewish community allows us to amplify and extend our impact.

In this unprecedented global crisis, our already vastly impoverished population are under even more pressure just to survive. We can help!

By acting together, we can support a wide range of vetted, on-the-ground organisations. The Jewish community can be proud of our targeted, measurable impact.


A few months into COVID-19 lockdown, donations are dropping, but winter is in full swing and the need for food, protection from disease and the elements is growing. 

Vulnerable families depend upon community feeding schemes which need our on-going support.

COVID-19 has created a physical and mental health crisis. Both PPE and counseling are desperately needed.

Poor communities are often at the mercy of cold, wet winters and need our help to stay warm and dry.


This campaign is a collective effort to raise support for vetted, sustainable solutions that empower people, communities and projects, solving the most pressing issues during and beyond COVID-19. On this platform you will find ways to support financially or in-kind, learn about issues, and play a part in co-creating sustainable solutions.

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