A brave new year to… Get involved

By Philip Todres

The lockdown seems to have had the infectious power to unlock a spirit of compassion and a willingness to reach out and help. It’s been heart-warming and humbling to witness.

In the welfare organisations that fall under the Jewish Care Cape umbrella, Directors and their professional teams have gone more than the extra mile to provide care and support, at times on a 24 hour basis.

The spirit of togetherness, amongst the seven welfare organisations, has been extremely effective to best meet the harsh realities of the pandemic.

Volunteers have come forward to help Jewish Community Services deliver food parcels and Cape Jewish Seniors to deliver Shabbat suppers  Noam Honig in Israel, reached out to make his app available to enable these deliveries to be made super efficiently.
Ladles of Love, a non-profit organisation, broke the world record for the most sandwiches made in an hour by volunteers this past Mandela Day. There are many other examples of people, throughout the Jewish and broader community, getting involved in meaningful ways that reflect that we truly are a caring community.

Our Jewish values compel us to support both our own community and the poor and vulnerable around us and it has been particularly inspiring to witness the response.

The community certainly goes into Rosh Hashana having actively been involved and committed to the essential task of tzedokke. May we go into the coming year in good health and with the same commitment to get involved in good deeds and acts of charity.

Philip Todres is the outgoing Chairperson of Jewish Care Cape, Chairperson of Cape Jewish Seniors, and a cultural activist in the community.

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