Empowering and invigorating community leadership

Eliot Osrin Leadership Institute’s Leadership Development Programme 2019/2020 Cohort

Eliot Osrin Leadership Institute’s Leadership Development Programme is a journey of personal growth, exposure to community, experiential learning and acquisition of skills and knowledge. All with the aim of stepping up to lead.

The 2019/2020 Cohort of 26 participants is mid-way through their programme, facilitated by faculty of excellence. This juncture marks their immersion into their Action Learning Module, which will focus on exploring interventions to core community challenges.

Leaders need to renew their own way of thinking before they can hope to transform their organizations. As we approach Rosh Hashana and reflect on our opportunity to recover and lead in this time of Covid, we must apply ourselves as leaders to behaviours that innovate, invigorate, inspire, and empower.

Hear the reflections in the voices of 3 EOLI 2020 Cohort participants:

Over several months, I have been privileged to be part of the EOLI leadership development program and afforded the opportunity to rev my personal and professional development into top gear. The theory has been meaty and challenging, covering a wide spectrum of intellectually stimulating and practical topics. My knowledge and understanding of Cape Town’s Jewish community has expanded enormously, delving deeply into ideas around ethics, leadership, values, communication, coaching and systems theory, impacting me on cognitive and emotional levels; I am not the same person I was when I started this journey. The incredible calibre of those I work with and learn from is amazing. I am challenged, supported, and come to really know myself and my skills better. I feel more confident and empowered to set and achieve strategic goals for myself and my organisation and am enthusiastic about better serving the CT Jewish community.
Janine Rodgers

What has struck (and pleasantly surprised) me is the diversity – the make-up of the cohort, and the breadth of initiatives there are to get involved in. You can be religious or atheist, orthodox or progressive, rich or poor, young or old, Jewish or Jew-ish. Whatever you can do to contribute, there’s a need. However you want to help, there’s a way. The programme has shown how much there is to do, and being done. It’s also a great introduction to new people and new ideas. As a group, we have different experience and expertise, persuasions and perspectives, which makes for rich collaboration. The programme content has been a stimulating combination of philosophy, theory, practicality, and utility. There have been new insights and new tools which I’ll apply widely, and beyond the programme.
Sasha Sanders

EOLI has exposed me to powerful ideas delivered by accomplished teachers. Each module has taught me skills to apply in my personal and professional life. Beyond this, EOLI has introduced me to fellow community members from diverse backgrounds, committed to their leadership journey. EOLI has created a platform to ask difficult questions. In confronting ‘“wicked” problems, with other EOLI participants, I have learnt that solutions are not the sole purview of an inspired leader. Solutions develop through collective hard work.

Rosh Hashanah is a time to engage with “big picture” questions. It is about living with responsibility. A responsible life includes periodic engagement with big orienting questions, for individuals and communities. From these questions we develop our future and forms the basis for our vision. EOLI provides a community platform that encourages us to engage in hard work required to ask questions and formulate our best responses.
Shimpa Moch

Wishing our community renewed energy in good health. From The EOLI Team, Faculty, Cohort & Advisory Board.

For more information on The Eliot Osrin Leadership Institute visit: www.osrinleadership.org

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